Sym-Tech Protection

Sym-Tech Body Panel Protection, Underbody Protection and Paint Protection are a part of the complete Sym-Tech Automotive Protection Program backed by a fully insured warrant policy.

Stop rust before it starts!

Sym-Tech Rust Protection is a formulated compound which consists of an inorganic/organic complex, oxidized petrolatum and microcrystalline wax as well as sulfonate rust inhibitor. This coating provides excellent long term metal protection. Corrosion can start in the folds, seams and spot welds that are common in today's unibody designs. These areas require special protection.

    • Penetrates seams and crevices where corrosion can begin
    • Protects against environmental pollutants and salt
    • Prevents moisture from attacking recessed metal body panels
    • Coats vulnerable inner areas of your vehicle


Sym-Tech Underbody Protection contains high quality refined asphaltic compounds, synthetic rubber and resins, which when blended, provide excellent adhesion to metal. In addition, rust inhibitors are added to give long term corrosion protection. The underbody of your vehicle is highly exposed to the damaging effects of salt, stones, gravel and dirt. Sym-Tech Underbody Protection extends the life of your vehicle.


    • High-pressure application ensures that all hard to access inner surfaces are protected
    • Seals our moisture from highly exposed areas
    • Won't crack or peel
    • Provides a sound barrier for a quieter ride



Why should I rust proof my vehicle?

Automotive manufacturers have come a long way in developing rust prevention measures. The fact remains however, that road maintenance crews dump millions of tons of salt and corrosive de-icing agents on Canadian roads each year. The most destructive automotive rust starts from the interior of body panels and eats its way through to the outside. The prospect of future costly corrosion damage remains high for your vehicle. Rust shortens the life of your vehicle and ruins its appearance, greatly reducing its resale value.

Paint Protection

The clear coat finish on your vehicle's paint is an uneven surface that traps dirt, salt, pollutants and moisture. Sym-Tech Paint Protection is professionally applied to bond to the vehicle's paint, creating a smooth impermeable finish.

  • Protects the paint, keeping out road salt and dirt
  • Protects against pollutants such as acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap
  • Blocks out the sun's powerful UV rays
  • Protects against oxidization, fading and loss of gloss
  • Locks in the "new car" shine the way waxes can't


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