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Squaring off: The  Honda Civic vs. the Hyundai Elantra

Are Things Truly as Close as They Appear?

You have to hand it to Hyundai Elantra designers. Over the past 10 years, they have improved their flagship car in leaps and bounds. But most of this success has come from mimicking the leading models in the compact car segment. Most notably: the Honda Civic, Canada's best-selling car for 18 years running.

But imitation has its limitations. You could tell when one of your high school friends was copying you, and that behavior rarely fooled others. In the more complicated world of motoring, the casual driver may have a harder time making this distinction. But eventually the leaders distinguish themselves from the followers. We're certain that with a bit of guidance, that those new to the automotive review business will soon, too, discover the continuing supremacy of the safe and reliable Civic.

Here are two quick comparisons to help better emphasize this point.

The Winner in Comfort by a Stretch

One of the shortcomings of text-based descriptions like these is that they often don't properly convey the creature comforts of a vehicle. These intangible measures aren't as appealing when compared on a spec sheet.

For instance, with a legroom dimension of just over 36 inches, the new  Civic provides over 3 extra inches of depth in this regard than the latest Elantra. If this doesn't seem like much, then allow your mind to dwell on the issue for a few moments. Imagine if you had your handcuffs loosened by 3 inches. Imagine if your bangs grew by this same amount (or your biceps). It makes a difference, doesn't it! Now stretch out your legs and feet and reach out about the width of a standard coffee mug. Doesn't that seem spacious?

2015 Honda Civic Interior

The point to remember is that a car is a major investment. This is something that you and your passengers will deal with for hundreds if not thousands of hours over the coming years. And just like you don't want a rock in your shoe for that amount of time, you don't want to feel cramped. So on top of the high-class interior design, tech and safety features, and whole host of other goodies exclusive to Canada's best-selling car, feel free to appreciate all the other little touches that Honda engineers have included, but that you might never have considered if not for a moment's contemplation.

Comparing Fuel Economy

Since each of these two best-selling cars is available in at least three different model configurations, comparing the Honda Civic to the Hyundai Elantra can feel like comparing a bushel of apples to a bushel of oranges. But take a step back to examine the big picture. Despite
2015 Honda Civic Fuel Economythe high number of possible comparisons you could make between the many different body types and drivetrains, the fuel economy ratings converge to a trend: the  Honda Civic takes the crown when it comes to conserving fuel.

Lease or Finance?

Honda has won numerous awards for their high resale values. In fact, Honda vehicles hold their value better than any other mainstream brand in Canada!

This is the sole reason why you're able to lease a Civic with a ridiculously low payment AND still have a high residual value at the end of the lease. Hyundai promotes extremely long financing plans that offer low payments, BUT will hurt you in the end. If you even end up keeping the Hyundai until the maturity of the loan it will be worth a lot less - OR -  if you get out of the loan early you will have a large amount of negative equity remaining, meaning your Hyundai will not be worth what you owe on it - Forcing you to carry that negative equity onto your next vehicle purchase.

With leasing through Honda, you don't have to worry about any changes in the market or being responsible for the resale value on your Civic. If you have an accident, whether you hit an animal or have a fender bender, the vehicle now has an accident claim and the value is significantly reduced. With leasing through Honda that will not have any affect on your payments or residual value.

No risk with leasing a Honda!