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CRV vs Rouge & Rav

The CR-V impresses from every angle, its sculpted sheetmetal grabbing onlookers' attention whether cruising the boulevard or parked in customers' driveways. Its bold looks set a new tone for the segment, marking a return to form for Honda design. RAV4's styling is inoffensive, but lacks the visual punch and bravado that CR-V's exudes.
With its wide, low stance, high beltline, and its wheels pushed out to the four corners, CR-V offers a potent mix of visual presence while maximizing interior spaciousness and convenience. RAV4 is about as compact as compact SUVs come nowadays, but its somewhat dull front-end styling, narrower front and rear track, and sloping roofline make it look decidedly less aggressive
CR-V's dual exhaust outlets are displayed prominently along the rear fascia, giving it the aesthetic, outwardly extroverted attitude to match its turbocharged engine's grunt. RAV4, by contrast, hides its single exhaust outlet under the rear fascia. Whereas CR-V flaunts its exhaust outlets, it's as if RAV4's exterior designers were trying to hide theirs.

CR-V's massive panoramic moonroof provides that liberating wind-in-the-hair, sun-in-the-face feeling and lets in significantly more natural light than RAV4's conventional, single-pane moonroof. What's more, its power-retractable sunshade runs the full length of the moonroof, and can be selectively retracted to ease eye strain for rear-seat occupants.
Remote engine start comes standard on CR-V, allowing its owners to preheat or precool their vehicle. And, since every CR-V comes with two key fobs, buyers enjoy its benefits no matter who's driving. RAV4 customers must shell out more money for such convenience, as remote start is only available as a dealerinstalled accessory, and it only comes with one fob.