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2018 Accord vs. Camry and Sonata

"It's a clear win for the Accord. It's quicker, handles better, and is more enjoyable to drive fast."
- Motor Trend comparison test: Accord Touring 2.0L vs. Camry XSE V6, October 16, 2017

 "Toyota built a better Camry, but Honda built a better car."
- Motor Trend, October 9, 2017

Viewed from any angle, Accord is a sleek, sophisticated stunner, its fastback-like silhouette lending a look reminiscent of a four-door coupe. Perhaps its best attribute is the restraint that its exterior designers showed in keeping its lines and surfacing clean and uncluttered. Toyota's designers gave the Camry more of a wild-child look that's as likely to put off some buyers as it is to garner attention.
  Dual Exhaust Outlets
Cleanly and seamlessly integrated into Accord's rear bumper, the dual exhaust outlets feature a chrome finisher that completes the look set off by the chrome flying-wing grille, chrome exterior door handles, and chrome side sill garnish. Toyota restricts the dual exhaust to V6 models, meaning Camry 4-cylinder buyers have to settle for a single exhaust outlet.

 Remote Engine Start
Accord owners enjoy the ability to preheat or precool their
vehicle, thanks to standard remote engine start. And, since
every Accord comes with two key fobs, buyers enjoy its benefits no matter who's driving. Camry customers must pay more to enjoy such convenience, as a long-range remote starter is only available as a dealer-installed accessory.

  Capless Fueling System 
With Accord's capless fueling system, there's no worry about
losing the cap or inadvertently emitting harmful vapours. Camry's conventional fuel-filler cap is tethered to the fuel door to prevent misplacement, but it can release noxious fumes or trigger the check-engine light if not securely tightened.

 Chrome Exterior Door Handles
Thanks to the stylish chrome exterior door handles, Accord
buyers are reminded of the vehicle's premium nature every
time they enter. They have a look to them and a weight about
them that makes the vehicle feel more expensive than it is. By
contrast, Camry's body-colour door handles simply don't give off the same vibes, serving as a persistent reminder of their vehicle's economy-car roots.

Turbo Torque
Maximum torque arrives as low as 1,600 rpm in the rev range,
thanks to Accord's 1.5L turbocharged engine with its low-inertia mono-scroll turbo. This small-displacement gem dishes out slightly less horsepower but more torque than Camry's naturally aspirated 2.5L engine - 192 lb.-ft. vs. 184. And, since it develops peak torque lower in the powerband, it offers a decisive edge when it comes to responsiveness.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Accord's CVT is reinforced to manage the 1.5L turbo engine's output, while its turbine twin-damper torque converter helps mitigate turbo lag as the vehicle accelerates. It also has a dedicated Sport mode that uses aggressive transmission mapping, and its 2.0 G-Design Shift Logic offers more immediate acceleration response than conventional automatic transmissions, including Camry's 8-speed.
Paddle Shifters
Accord comes with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters togive the driver more complete control over gear selection. They not only keep the driver's hands on the  steering wheel, they also keep the engine in the sweet spot of the rev range. While Camry XLE's 8-speed direct-shift automatic transmission offers a manual-shift mode, it lacks the tactile feel of the paddles, and the driver must remove a hand from the wheel every time they want to manually shift.

Agile Handling Assist
This simple yet effective brake vectoring system uses
components of Accord's Vehicle Stability Assist to selectively apply the brakes to aid cornering precision, enhancing vehicle stability and helping the driver more easily trace their desired line through a corner. It's imperceptible to the driver but subtly improves the vehicle's initial turn-in response, and Camry offers no comparable feature.

Dual-Pinion Variable-Ratio Electric Power Steering (EPS)
Accord's dual-pinion variable-ratio EPS can modify the steering ratio for improved steering feel and manoeuvrability. Using the driver's physical steering input, it determines the appropriate amount of electric assist necessary, and adjusts accordingly using an electric motor. Its final full off-centre ratio of 11.8:1 offers a quick 2.3 turns lock-to-lock. Camry's steering ratio, meanwhile, is locked in at a relatively high 13.8:1, with 2.6 turns lock-to-lock, for a less precise steering fe

 Interior Design
When it comes to interior design, it's easy to speak about luxury-like build quality and material choices. But it's not an exaggeration to say that Accord's interior will quickly become the yardstick against which other intermediate sedans will be measured. Quality, soft-touch materials warmly greet hands, and available contrasting colours lend an airiness to the cabin. Camry's interior is nice enough in its own right, but it certainly won't be mistaken for a luxury car's.

Display Audio System

Accord's centre stack features an all-new interface with a larger, 8-inch high-resolution screen for crisper graphics, reconfigurable shortcuts for easy access to frequently used features, customizable app tiles for maximum customization, and much more. Camry's 8-inch Display Audio is sleek in its design, intuitive in its operation, and impressive in its feature set, but it still lacks the undeniable wow factor that Accord's system delivers. 

 Apple Carplay®/Android Auto™
Accord customers can easily and seamlessly bring their smartphone experience right into their vehicle to make hands-free calls, stream music, get turn-by-turn directions, and much more - all while keeping their phone charged. Camry's Entune 3.0 Audio is attractive and offers a range of embedded apps via App Suite Connect, but it requires a registered account and the app installed on the user's phone, and it currently lacks Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility.

  Onboard Wi-fi Hotspot
With Accord's Wi-Fi hotspot capability, the vehicle's onboard data source provides owners and occupants access to the internet from the comfort of the cabin. A complimentary 3GB (or 3-month) trial is included, and the vehicle can even connect to a customer's smartphone and use its data. Toyota only offers a Wi-Fi hotspot for its U.S.-spec vehicles.


Head-Up Display
A first-ever application for a Honda, Accord Touring's standard
Head-Up Display projects key vehicle information onto a 6-inch display field on the windshield, within the driver's line of sight for easy viewing and minimal distraction. While Camry offers a slightly larger available HUD, it's exclusive to V6 models costing thousands more.

Driver Information Interface
Accord's attractive, high-resolution, 7-inch meter display with
Driver Information Interface delivers a unique viewing experience. The fixed right side of the display offers an analogue speedometer and a reconfigurable left side that can show everything from a digital tachometer to song information to key warnings. Camry's 7-inch Multi-Information Display is impressive in its own right, but it lacks the overall wow factor of Accord's DII.