2017 Honda Civic Touring vs Toyota Corolla XSE

Civic - Canada's Car Sales Leader Looks to Retain Crown!
Civic has been Canada's best selling car for 18 years straight - and Honda has no plans of relinquishing that title.

It drives better, it feels better , it's engineered better."
- Motor Trend on Civic , July 2016

"It feels both more substantial than before and more driver- orientated from behind the wheel."

- Car and Driver on Civic , Oct 2015

When compared to Civic, Corolla's styling is bound to strike some buyers as a bit uninspired. After all, it lacks the rakish silhouette and eye-catching details that have helped keep Civic atop the Canadian sales chart for nearly two decades. Furthermore, while Civic looks as good coming toward you as it does driving away, Corolla's design lacks the overall cohesiveness and visual punch,with both the profile and rear views leaving something to be desired.

LED Taillights
Civic's signature C-shaped LED taillights add a distinctive flair to the rear of the vehicle while providing improved visibility to other drivers. Thanks to their LED design, they use less power, last longer, and are more environmentally friendly than the conventional incandescent bulbs found on Corolla's taillights, which are less dramatic.
Upscale Feel
With Civic, the sense of luxury is closer at hand - literally. Customers need only reach for the chrome door handles to begin to understand and appreciate the details that Honda sweated to make the vehicle feel special. So, while the
Corolla XSE may undercut Civic Touring's price point, weighing the features against the sticker price reveals where Toyota may have cut some proverbial corners.
LaneWatch Blind Spot Display
Civic's innovative Honda LaneWatch blind-spot display makes use of a camera mounted on the passenger mirror to display a live feed of the roadway on the Display Audio screen when changing lanes, helping to keep the driver aware of the traffic conditions on that side of the vehicle.
Corolla's passenger - side mirror offers nothing like it!
Capless Fuelling System
Civic's capless fuelling system makes fill-ups that much easier and drama-free. In addition to keeping clean and free from smelling like gas, it eliminates the possibility of losing the cap and minimizes the liklihood of harmful fuel vapours escaping.
Corolla's conventional fuel-filler cap must be properly tightened after each refuelling to ensure the emissions system doesn't trigger the check-engine light.
Honda Sensing TM
Civic comes with a wide range of driver-assist technology, including Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed Follow (LSF), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), and Road Departure Mitigation (RDM). Corolla's XSE's Toyota Safety Sense-P system includes many of these features but fails to offer anything comparable to LSF or RDM
Apple CarPlay / Android Auto TM
Civic customers enjoy a seamlessly integrated smartphone experience, thanks to Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto compatibility. It allows them to plug in their phone and control key features and functions like hands-free calling, music streaming, turn-by-turn navigation, and much more.
Corolla's Display Audio offers no such connectivity, meaning Toyota owners don't enjoy similar convenience.
Garmin Navigation
Civic's navigation was developed in co operation with Garmin , a recognized leader in navigation software. Its familiar interface and rich, full colour graphics make it easily approachable and instantly comprehensible. In contrast Corolla's navigation system uses proprietary Toyota software that is not as visually appealing or intuitive.
Independent Rear Suspension
Civic features a 4-wheel independent suspension, including a multi-link rear suspension that's rigidly mounted to the rear subframe for a high degree of lateral stability. What's more, front and rear hydraulic compliance bushings ensure premium levels of ride equality and road vibration isolation. Despite it's many upgrades elsewhere, Corolla still uses a torsion-beam rear suspension design for a less-refined ride, and it's suspension lacks fluid-filled bushings.
Agile Handling Assist
This innovative feature helps make Civic more agile and responsive when cornering, by selectively applying the brakes to generate more turning force and reduce understeer. It's simple yet effective at improving the vehicle's turn-in response, and it endows Civic with a nimbleness rarely found in the compact class. Corolla offers nothing of the sort.
Interior Design
Civic Touring's interior raises the bar for what a compact Sedan's interior should be like. Soft-touch materials abound, detailed stitching adorns key surfaces, and high-end perforated leather is used strategically on the front seats to up the refinement ante. Corolla XSE's cabin, by contrast, comes off as a bit dated. It's materials feel durable and well assembled, but its many hard surfaces don't convey the same sense of style and sophistication.
Wireless Charging System
No charging cable? No worries. Just place a compatible smartphone on the charging pad located directly in front of the shift lever and Civic's wireless charging system takes care of the rest. While Civic customers with compatible smartphones* enjoy worry-free phone charging, Corolla XSE owners possessing equivalent phones must turn to the aftermarket to find a compatible feature
Heated Rear Seats
Rear-seat passengers are granted cold-weather relief in the form of Civic's heated rear seats. While these fortunate occupants can revel in comfort, they can also choose between high and low heat settings. Corolla XSE's rear-seat occupants, meanwhile, must endure the frigid temps until the rest of the cabin warms up.
Parking Brake
Civic's standard Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) offers easy, convenient parking brake application and can be released simply by pressing the accelerator. Better yet, its Automatic Brake Hold feature retains brake pressure when the vehicle comes to a stop. Corolla's traditional mechanical parking brake offers no such conveniences, and it eats up valuable interior space.